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Formaldehyde reactor

The Formaldehyde Reactor: A New Approach to Creating Chemicals

Each day, chemical companies produce plastic and paper along with clothing you put on your back. Have you ever wondered who makes these thing? There is a slippery, colorless gas with an awful odor fade into many of the Sambucheli skin products wo... Commonly utilized as an antibacterial material for plastic products, its applications vary from use in the manufacturing of resins used to make wood products and acting as a disinfectant. Meet the Formaldehyde Reactor - a state of art equipment that is poised to revolutionize industrial chemical manufacturing by increasing safety, quality and profitability.

    Benefits of Formaldehyde Reactor

    Located in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul The Formaldehyde Reactor is a modern industrial facility using formaldehyde and methanol gases to produce an aqueous solution known as formalin which contains mostly water but also variable amounts of alcohols (including methanol) plus about 37% w/w molecular HCHO. This innovative process is better in many aspects compared to traditional processes. For one, it runs at hotter temperatures and deeper pressures than conventional reactors, leading to faster output speeds with better quality. This allows for exact reaction conditions to be defined and the formation of undesirable byproducts(2) minimized. Finally, the reactor itself is nearly automated and better working conditions (ie Less Formaldehyde Exposure)

    Why choose YHCHEM Formaldehyde reactor?

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    Industry-wise Applications

    Companies in numerous branches of the chemical production industry have been using Adiabatic Formaldehyde Reactors for decades. Main applications of formalin is to make resins for wood products, disinfectant and it used by histology as fixative. You must not overlook that the Formaldehyde Reactor is excellent at strict control as well as high yields.

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