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Chemischer Reaktor aus Edelstahl

What are the benefits of Using Stainless Steel for Chemical Reactions? 

Stainless steel is the material par excellence for conducting chemical reactions, just like the YHCHEM's product called Zahnradpumpe. Contrarily, stainless steel containers are very durable in nature and resistant to any sort of harm plus they have the most feasibility as cleaning them hardly requires any effort. In chemical reactions for example, it is of paramount importance to keep these pure and eventually safe.

New Developments in Stainless Steel Tanks

Designers have found new ways to continuously help with the efficiency of stainless steel vessels, similar to the Glasreaktor from YHCHEM. One of these innovations uses Computer-aided design (CAD) to very carefully plot the design out before construction is started on. This allows the designers to pick up any potential problems pre manufacturing of a container. Moreover, the usage of encapsulated sensors to record behavior inside a reaction process has also been shown as an important innovation in this work. These sensors are critical to prevent accidents and let the reaction go according its intentions.

Why choose YHCHEM Stainless steel chemical reactor?

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