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Molekulare Destillation mit abgewischtem Film

Do you know what wiped film molecular distillation is and how it helps us achieve ultra-clean products? Wiped film molecular distillation goes beyond simple answer of boiling point and uses the differences in molecules themselves to create a very pure product. This ground-breaking technique of sterilization will be further elaborated on and its importance shall also bediscussed.

    Advantages of Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

    Wiped film molecular distillation has great efficacy in separating difficult-to-distill initial boiling mixtures. The process is rather complex and involves the evaporation of a certain liquid mixed with others in it, followed by condensation on the surface that contains cold. Using this technique, compounds are separated according to their size, shape and polarity leading to pure quality extract free of impurities and unwanted molecules. This narrowed specification can be accomplished by wiped film molecular distillation-a method that is often used for purification of oils and fatty acids, as well as nutraceuticals.

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    Examle of Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

    The applications for wiped film molecular distillation are broad and include anything from the purification of oils & fatty acids to recovering nutraceuticals or other complex mixtures. The major advantage of this method is the production of high-purity products - without impurities, which makes it particularly important in areas requiring pure substances - food-stuff, beverages and medicines. Further, wiped film molecular distillation is a reliable and efficient way to make large scale production of even high-boiling point products available.

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