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Moleküler damıtma ekipmanı

A Fresh Method in Substance Purification

It is a more recently developed solution for cleaning such substances as oils, fats and waxes - molecular distillation equipment. This state-of-the-art technology provides numerous advantages over past methods of purification. To learn more about that, and its uses in real life keep reading.

    Moleküler Damıtmanın Faydaları

    Our apparatus of molecular distillation are undoubtedly efficient. When it comes to filtering of substances, this filtration cartridge does a fantastic job in rendering an exceptionally precise and prompt purity. This is done through short-path distillation, the substance being purified only comes in contact with its bits of equipment quickly; that means there are faster results.

    This will ensure that it is very pure, and because of the advanced nature this process lets us use in molecular distillation. It takes advantage of low temperatures and also high vacuum pressure to help eliminate all the whole set of impurities in addition bad things from beneficial element that is purified. Therefore, its perfect for industries that require maximum purity (pharmahigh-end EOs production).

    Why choose YHCHEM Molecular distillation equipment?

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    Molecular Sieve Distillation Applications

    Molecular distillation is a universal technology, which enjoyed many types of application. Winsor has also been used in making high/quality essential oils, and pharmaceuticals. It is also useful in the purification of waxes and fats, which makes it exceptionally beneficial for industries such as food processing or cosmetics. This technology helps to increase the reliability of a wide array of products from beauty and skincare items up until gourmet delicacies.

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