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Heating Circulator-YHB

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Customised YHB Series Heating Circulator

Product Description



YHB series heating bath is a liquid circulating equipment with electric heating, which can improve the accuracy of temperature control and the stability of water temperature. It can be widely used for drying, concentration, distillation, dipping chemical reagents, dipping drugs and biologicaproducts, and can also be used for constant temperature heating in water bath and other temperature tests. lt is a biological, genetic, viral necessary tools for aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health,biochemical laboratory, analysis room,education and scientific research.

Technical Specification

Model YHB-10 YHB-30 YHB-50 YHB-100
Heating Power (kW) 2 4 5 12
Total Output Power (kW) 2.4 4.4 5.4 12.4
Power (W) 100 370
Temp Control Type PID intelligent temp control, LCD large screen digital display
Temp Setting Range PT1000400.0
Temp Measurement Range PT100:-59.0~409.0℃
Temp Range Water bath: RT~99 ;Oil bath: RT~200
Temp Accuracy ±1℃
Electric Supply 220V/50Hz
Output Current (A) 10 21 24 48
Size 44*33*60 47*40*81 47*40*81 70*57*81

♣1.Media Optional
Water bath or Oil bath
♣2.Digital Display
PID intelligent temperature control, large LCD screen digital display

♣3.Pump Flow Rate
Up to 100L/min
♣4.Optional Device
Explosion-proof, PLC control system, programmed temperature control      


♣2.Environmental Protection
♣3.Biochemical Laboratory
♣4.Fine Chemical Industry
♣5.Rose Essential Oil


♣1.Digital display, convenient and flexible setting.

Controlled temperature and flow to provide a constant temperature environment                            ♣2.With explosion-proof design (Optional).             

♣3.Simple and convenient connection, equiped with valves and pipes.                                              ♣4.The circulating system with stainless steel material, with the function of anti-corrosion, Anti-rust, anti-high temperature liquid pollution.                                                                                                     

♣5.Simple operation, easy to move the casters with locks.


Glass reaction working equipment
♣1.Glass reactor
♣2.Heating Bath

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