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Dynamic Temperature Control System

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Dynamic Temperature Control System (-40℃~200℃)

Product Description

Dynamic Temperature Control System (-40℃~200℃) factory

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                                                                             

YHR series is a circulation device that can provide heat source or cold source. lt hasa widely application range and can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries to provide heat and cold sources for reactors, liquid storage tanks, etc. lt adopts fully enclosed pipeline design and high-efficiency plate heat exchanger, which reduces the demand for heat transfer fluid, improves the heat utilization rate of the system, and realizes rapid temperature rise and fall.

Technical Specification

Model YHR-25N YHR-35N  YHR-50N  YHR-70N YHR-100N YHR-150N
Temperature range () ’-40~200, ±1 
Supply Voltage 220V/50Hz, 1P 380V, 3P (Optional 220V/480V)
Temperature sensor PT100
Total power (Kw) 2.8 4.5 7.7 12 15 23
Heating power (Kw) 2(2.5) 3(3.5) 4.5(5) 6(7) 9(10) 15
Refrigeration capacity (w)   RT 1900 2800 7500 12775 15750 18000
Refrigeration capacity (w)   0 1200 1900 5500 10500 11000 12000
Refrigeration capacity (w)   40 250 400 600 750 900 1100
Tank volumeL 7 10 17 35 100
Rated flow rateL/min 20 35 42
Rated head (m) 20 28
Size   L×W×Hcm 64*53*89 64*53*110 64*53*140 71*61*140 97*80*135


♣1.Customization Service

Explosion-proof, water-cooled or air-cooled can becustomized according to customer s working conditions
PLC control: including Siemens S7-200smart PLC control system, material temperature and equipment out let temperature can be switched freely

♣2.High Efficiency PlateHeat Exchanger

No oil change required. While reducing the demand for thermal fluid, improve the heat utilization rate of the system and achieve rapid temperature rise and fall.
The circulation system of the heat carrier fluid isprovided with an exhaust port, which can complete the filling of the heat transfer fluid.        


 MAIN FEATURES                                                                                                                             

♣1.Pre-cooling device, refrigeration system and heating system can be used in combination.

♣2.It can be used with 1L~100L and other reaction kettles to maintain the materials in the reaction kettle from -25°C to 200 ℃.

♣3.Refrigeration system compressors, oil separators, solenoid valves, expansion valves, etc. areall imported brands.

♣4.The cooling rate is fast, and rapid cooling can be achieved.

♣5.The evaporator is a fully brazed plate heat exchanger.

♣6.The liquid level tube can monitor oil level in real time to avoid the lack of heat transfer fluid.

♣7.The circulatory system adopts a closed type, which is non-volatile and protects the health ofthe experimenter.

♣8.The liquid storage tank and circulation pipeline are made of 304 stainless steel, which hasgood corrosion resistance.

♣9.The shell adopts electrostatic plastic spray SPCC, which has good anti-corrosion effect. 

♣10.The whole machine is stable and reliable, and can run continuously for a long time.


Can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries. Provide heatand cold source for reactors, liquid storage tanks, etc.


♣Digital display controller

♣Liquid inlet
♣Liquid level indicator
♣Heavy duty casters
♣Liquid outlet

_06.jpg♣1.Provide working condition;Industry, support equipmenttype                                                         

♣2.Supporting equipment modeland size                                                                                           

♣3.Working temperature range                                                                                           

♣4.Select the model


♣1.Circulation Pump
Using magnetic pump, no mechanical shaft seal, solve the problem of circulating pump leakage

Use brand compressors, such as Tecumseh/Danfoss/Copeland,etc.with low noise and stable operation

♣3.DanfossExpansion Valve
Real-time control of the flow of the refrigerant to create conditions for the evaporation of the refrigerant under the condition of high temperature and high pressure

♣4.Copper BrazedPlate Heat Exchanger
The copper brazed plate heat exchanger is used to improve the heat exchange efficiency per unitarea and reduce the usage of heat transfer medium

♣5.Safety Protection
Various safety protection measures such as leakage protection,over current and thermal protection phase loss protection, etc


Provide 18-month qualityassurance, spare parts supply, and lifetime maintenance after equipment acceptance

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