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Chemglass jacketed reactor

Chemglass Glass Jacketed Reactor 1L/6 neck w: atlas st control system feature Armor jacket is a double wall compact glass reactor built to have an excellent vacuum capability and thickness based on MRI image. Reagents & Instruments for Life Science Research | Bio-Rad The reactor is known to be widely used in different industries including pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering and food processing industry (also research laboratory) among various other general applications; the Chemglass Jacketed Reactor turnkey saves you money without any quality compromise.

The Benefits of the Chemglass Jacketed Reactor

Transparency is a major plus of the Chemglass Jacketed Reactor. These unique properties enable the researchers to study this type of reaction unlike any other, as it is performed within a glass-walled reactor and their mixing behaviors can be observed in real time. In addition, the reactor is highly stable and simple to clean so it should be possible to reuse for multiple experiments. This may serve to save time and valuable resources, as well increasing efficiency in the laboratory setting.

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