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Chemical reaction vessel

These vessels are most popular in the scientific community and they operate as a supporting aid for researchers, scientists across various fields. These are the most commonly used vessels that you will find in various chemistry labs, manufacturing plants and research centers globally. This article is for you who do not have much knowledge in these advanced tools and want to know: what they are, how they work and why this signifies a great advance with science.


A batch reactor is a vessel used to contain the reaction between chemical compounds. They are built to withstand the very high temperatures, pressures, and sometimes highly corrosive chemical nature of its contents. NC reactors are of many types and made from different materials like stainless steel, glass or plastic with various capabilities in size, shape and configuration specific to the type and quantity of chemicals undergoing a reaction.

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Chemical Reaction Vessels - Quality & Churning applications

The quality of a chemical reaction vessel is very important, and affects not only the final product quality, but also the efficiency of operation process and even operator safety. These vessels can be adapted for use in all types of environments:

Used in the manufacturing of antibiotics, anti-cancer medicines and pain killersPharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Industry: Used for generating dyes, polymers, resins and various other chemically synthesised products.

Biotechnology: In biotech sectors used for producing antibiotics, vaccines and other therapeutic drugs.

The value and operation of chemical reaction vessels can be utilized by scientists across a myriad of scientific disciplines to safely and efficiently perform their experiments.

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