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Falling film distillation

It is a soft and cold method to excellent materials: falling film distillation

Do you desire a form of extraction that is safe, and will provide exceptional quality enhancement to your products? If that is the case for you than look no further then falling film distillation.

Benefits Of Falling Film Distillation

Here are some of the advantages that falling film distillation offers over other methods. For starters, it is running consistently all the time, so that it can remain on and not powered down as would need to be used with multiple frequent pauses which include starting up again. It not only saves time and energy, it is also beneficial as it maintains equipment by reducing wear and tear (helping with operating expenses).

Low operating energy requirements for falling film distillation is yet another huge advantage. It is also more ecologically friendly, which gets it the Go Green point for making a lesser carbon footprint and environmental responsibility.

Why choose YHCHEM Falling film distillation?

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Support & Service Excellence

We are committed to provide the best customer service and support. As well as providing a full on-boarding and training process for you to proficiently roll your falling film distillation systems into operation, our team are well equipped with the know-how needed if their is ever an issue concerning your system.

Our team will carry out regular maintenance and repairs so that your system remains in perfect working order, operating efficiently for all of your production requirements.

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