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Falling film evaporator design

Evaporation - the liquid substance turns into vapor. It find its ubiquity in more than one industry like food processing, chemical manufacturing etc. Falling film evaporators are machines used in the concentration of heat-sensitive materials. In this article, you will find a detailed discussion about the design of falling film evaporator along with its advantages, innovations in it for enhancing safety measures during operation and bringing down operational costs as well as easy operating methods.

Discovering Benefits of the Falling Film Evaporator

Advantages of Falling Film Evaporator vs Other Types Of Evaporators For one, it has a high heat transfer capacity which can process large amounts of material fast. Second, it has short residence time to reduce the risk of product decomposition with heat. Third, It carries out in low temperature and is appropriate for processing heat sensitive materials. Finally, it uses less energy to run as well saving the user money.

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Applications of Falling Film Evaporator

Falling film evaporator is commonly used in many industries, for example, food processing sector that includes fruit and vegetable juices such as jellies (Zhang et all. 2010), chemical manufacturing industry like Molasses Concentration up till some group of chemicals to pharmaceutical sector etc. It is also responsible for processing various materials like fruit juices, oils and pharmaceuticals to produce concentrates. It also helps to remove impurities and water, so they can develop the best commodity.

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