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Film evaporator

The Benefits of Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger

Ever wondered about the incredible process that goes into making every product we use and rely on each day? From the delicious liquids we consumer and sticky sweet syrups, to scents found in our perfumes and products used when cleaning around our homes - each of these substance is overtaken by a succession of events before they finally reach those shelves. An example of this is the evaporation, in which a liquid goes to gaseous state. A special tool called a film evaporator is commonly implemented when this transformation takes place on an industrial scale as it offers several advantages and benefits.

Numerous Advantages of Film Evaporators

They are versatile evaporators that can thermalize a wide range liquid products, from viscous liquids to solutions with active compounds in them. Compared to other evaporation techniques, film evaporators have greater heat transfer rates leading them to complete the operations rapidly and quickly resulting in increase productivity. In addition, they are able to achieve high concentrations and produce pure byproducts efficiently which facilitates waste reduction and sustainability.

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