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Solvent recovery distillation column

Solvent recovery column

The solvent recovery distillation column is an invaluable resource in businesses, seekishing to make a complete and economical vacuum solvents separation. This column offers a ton of benefits, which sets it apart from other approaches and establishes itself as one of the top choices across several industries.


The other feature of the solvent recovery distillation column is that it acts as a multiple solvents recovering simultaneously and therefore saves the energy which in turn leads to save more budget for production. Despite its simplicity, the column is built with safety features that keeps workers safe and makes it an essential equipment in many work environments.

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Quality and Service:

The solvent recovery distillation column has quality written all over it, made of heavy-duty and sturdy premium materials that should keep you going for years to come. Moreover, a responsive customer service is always available to answer any questions or doubts hence making the experience with this essential device even more amazing.

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