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GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃)

Product Description

GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) details

Product Description

GX series heating thermostatic bath is a liquid circulating equipment with electric heating, which can provide heating media with different temperatures and widely used in molecular distillation, reactor, fermentation tank and solid-phasereactor, which appliable to Scientific research departments in biopharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, electronic instrument and food industries, quality inspection and production departments in universities and enterprises.

Technical Specification:

Model GX-2005 GX-2010 GX-2015 GX-2020 GX-2030 GX-2050
Temperature Range() RT~300; ±0.01
Temperature Fluctuation() 0.05~0.10
Bath Volume(L) 5 10 15 50
Circulation pump flow rate (L/min) 8 15
Lift (m) 1 3.5
Supply Voltage 220V/50Hz, 1P
Heating Power (kW) 1.6 2 3 3.5 3.8 4.4
Total Power (kW) 1.7 2.1 3.1 3.6 3.9 4.5
L*W*H (cm) 24x37x41 32x37x50 32x37x50 32x37x50 40x50x50 40x60x61

GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) supplier

♣1.Customization Service
Explosion-proof, water-cooled or air-cooled can be customized according to customer's working conditions 

PLC control: including Siemens S7-200smart PLC control system, material temperature and equipment outlet temperature can be switched freely
♣2.Protection System
Refrigeration has overheating and overcurrent protection, and the control svstem has overheating alarm design, can set the max and min temperature, could cut off the load when the temperature is over limit.
♣3.Display System
Liquid crystal control instrument, easy operation, strong temperature stability, PID can be searched automatically or adjusted manually.
♣4.Data Record
The function of accurate temperature correction can reach minimum up to 0.1°C , and the temperature fluctuates degree up to reach up to 0.2°C - 0.5°C ( different datas for different models).

♣5.Control System
The latest temperature control technology developed byspecial software, and equipped with high standard Pt100 and imported electronic components.

♣6.Circulating System

It is composed of internal and external circulation. Duringthe external circulation, the constant temperature liquidin the tank can be led out, and the second constant temperature field can be established. During internal circulation, the liquid temperature in the tank can be very uniform and is suitable for working with laboratory equipment such as molecular distillation, glass reactor, fermentation tank, chemical reactor and biopharmaceutical reactor at high temperature.

GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) factory

♣4.Electronic instrument
♣5.Food lndustriesGX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) manufacture

♣1.Provide working condition: Industry, support equipment
♣2.Supporting equipment model and sizetype
♣3.Working temperature range
♣4.Select the model

GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) supplierGX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) factory

♣1.Large-screen LCD display, stable temperature, fast operation                                           

♣2.Heating bath with material high quality stainless steel, with corrosion resistance     

♣ has the function of measuring value deviation correction,the accuracy can reach 0.1°C   

♣4.Water-oil dual-use: the highest temperature can reach 300°C   

♣5.The external circulation pump haslarge flow rate and high temperature control efficiency.   

♣6.Compact design, safe operation and easy moving 

GX Series Heating Circulator (RT~300℃) factory

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