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High-Purity Separation Solution for Thermally Sensitive Materials in Thin Film Distillation Towers



The thin film distillation tower is a device that combines thin film evaporators and distillation towers. During the distillation process, the thin film distillation tower can solve the problem of thermal decomposition of thermally sensitive materials caused by high reactor temperatures and long residence times in the reboiler. It prevents thermal decomposition, polymerization, oxidation, and other deteriorative reactions, effectively protecting the characteristics of the product materials. Additionally, compared to traditional thin film evaporators, the thin film distillation tower adds the functionality of distillation, resulting in improved product purity and reducing the need for additional purification steps.

The negative pressure, film scraping, and distillation features of the thin film distillation tower can be widely applied in industries such as biopharmaceuticals, food, plant extraction, and chemical engineering.


Working Principle

The material enters the main evaporator from the feed tank and is scraped into an extremely thin and turbulent liquid film by the scraper. The film spirals downward. The light product components that evaporate from the heating surface rise to the distillation column, where mass transfer and heat transfer occur between the gas and liquid phases. The product material is condensed by the condenser and, if the purity is not sufficient, it is refluxed. Finally, the qualified high-purity product is collected.


Product Advantages

Customization Support

Can be customized according to the characteristics of the customer's materials.

Low Distillation Temperature and High Vacuum

Creates a vacuum environment to avoid thermal decomposition, polymerization, and other deteriorative reactions of thermally sensitive materials. It also reduces the distillation temperature of high-boiling point components. Short residence time of the materials results in high heat transfer efficiency.

High Separation Efficiency and Purity

Can separate materials that are difficult to separate using conventional distillation methods. With control over the tower column and reflux, high-purity product materials can be obtained.

Central Control Box Design for Easy Operation

A central control box is designed to control the rotation speed, reflux ratio, vacuum display, and other aspects of thin film distillation.