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Product Description

Homogeniser supplier

Product Description

The YHAD series homogenizer adopts a high-speed motorand a SUS316L stainless steel rotor, making it suitable for most emulsification and mixing. Touch control and data display make your experiment and production more convenient.

Homogeniser supplierHomogeniser details

♣1.High-speed motor; Speed adjustment;Maximum torque

♣2.The large LCD screen displays rotating speed, re-al-time torque, voltage andcurrent, making the experiment more efficient.                                                                                                                 

♣3.316L stainless steel stirrerhead to protect samples fromcontamination.Applicable forcosmetics, food, pharmaceu-tical, coating and industries.

♣4.The highest processing viscosity is 7000 mPa.s

Homogeniser manufacture

♣3.Petrochemical industries

Homogeniser manufacture

♣1.Speed digital display (P-type) Dynamic Indicators
♣2.Speed control knob         
♣3.Power switch                                             
♣4.Drive shaft
♣5.Operating head
♣7.Supporting stand
♣8.Supporting and fixing frame
♣10.Brush holder

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