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Leaders from Jinshan District Visit Shanghai Yuanhuai for Investigation



On the morning of January 30th, Deputy District Mayor Zhai Jinguo from Jinshan District visited Shanghai Yuanhuai Industrial Co., Ltd. for investigation. Accompanied by Wu Chiliang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the town party committee, and Liu Kun, Deputy Mayor of the town, Yuanhuai's General Manager Nian Peng accompanied the visit.


Zhai Jinguo and his delegation inspected the production situation in Yuanhuai's factory area and gained a detailed understanding of the company's basic information, production processes, and technological innovation. He pointed out that the company should embark on the path of intelligent and digital upgrades, optimize production layout planning, and strive to establish a high-quality and efficient industrial chain within the district.


The visit of the district leaders has provided clear guidance for Yuanhuai's development. Yuanhuai will accelerate industrial upgrades with solid steps, create a modern production base, and contribute to the development of Jinshan District.