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Stainless Steel Reactor Reactor Pressure: -0.1~0.1MPa

Product Description



YHChem stainless steel reactor is a chemical reaction vessel of stainless steel. lt is composed of four parts: the inner vessel, jacket, stirring device, and supporting frame, participate in the completion of vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, in order to participate in the intensive mixing of reactive substances as the premise, for heating, cooling, and liquid extraction and gas absorption and other physical changes using stirring device to achieve good results. lt has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, health and easy to use. YHChem supplies various of stainless steel jacketed reactor from 20L to 300L. And the reactor can be used with heating/cooling circulator, cooling chiller, water cycle vacuum pump, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model JSR-10 JSR-20 JSR-30 JSR-50 JSR-100 JSR-200 JSR-300
Net Volume(L) 10  20  30  50  100  200  300 
Reflux Condenser-Heat Exchange Area(m²) 0.2 0.3 0.5 1.0
Material S30408
Sealing Form Mechanical sealing
Stirring Motor (W) 200 370 750
Speed range 0~450
Temperature In Kettle (℃) -20~200
Frame SUS304
Reactor Working Pressure (MPa) -0.1~0.1
Reflux Condenser-Material S30408
Power Supply 220V1P



♣1.SUS304 Fabrication
Corrosion resistance Wear resistance High temperature High pressure resistance

♣2.Variable Frequency Speed Adjustment
The stirring motor has the function of frequency conversion speed regulation, meeting the high and low speed requirement.

♣3.Digital Display Speed Controller
Automatic temperature control Display speed Stepless speed regulation

♣ 4.Mechanical Seal
ensure the vacuum environment in the reactor
♣5.Convenient Function
The multifunctional opening of the reactor lid is easy to clean, and the standard opening can be assembled reflux module, and can also be used in distillation, synthesis and other processes.        


♣3.Chemical industry Pesticide



♣Explosion-proof motor
♣Vacuum port
♣Solid feeding port
♣304 stainless steel frame
♣Bottom discharge valve
♣Water outlet
♣304 stainless
♣Steel reactor body
♣Universal wheel with foot brake


♣1.Heating cooling circulator
♣2.Cooling circulator
♣3.Water cycle vacuum pump_14.jpg

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