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YLT Open Top Series (-20℃~RT) Recirculating Chiller

Product Description



 YLT-P (open type) series low-temperature cooling circulating pump is tailor-made for small rotary evaporators. lt uses compressor refrigeration and circulating pump conveying function to provide cold source. lt can also be used to cool test tubes, reaction bottles, etc, to meet the conditions of low temperature reaction or storage. lt can also be combined with a vacuum freeze-drying box, acirculating water.

Technical Specification

Model YLT-0220P YLT-0520P YLT-1020P YLT-2020P YLT-3020P YLT-5020P YLT-10020P
Temperature Range(℃) -20~RT±1
Voltage (V) 220V/50Hz, 1P 380/50Hz, 1P
Total Power (Kw) 0.23 0.65 1 1.4 2.1 2.6 6
Cooling Capacity(W)25℃ 550 875 2010 2800 4600 6300 15750
Cooling Capacity(W)-20℃ 275 350 500 600 750 850 1800
Temperature Sensor PT100
Safety Protection Overvoltage, delay, overcurrent, overheating, leakage, protector
Chiller   Type Air cooling (Optional Water cooling)
Tank volume (L) 4 5 10 20 30 50 100
Rated lift (M) 3 7 8 11
Rated flow (L/min) 15 10 15 60 35
Net Weight(Kg) 36 58 78 97 115 160 244
Machine Size    L*W*H(mm) 48*28*54 48*35*69 54*42*78 57*49*86 63*53*100 73*63*119 97*76*133

♣1.Customization Service
Explosion-proof, water-cooled or air-cooled can be customized according to customer's working conditions PLC control: including Siemens S7-200 smart PLC control system, material temperature and equipment outlet temperature can be switched freely

♣2.Large-capacity open bath
Large-capacity open bath and external circulation system can be used as a cooling bath, and can also provide low-temperature coolant to the external device.

♣3.PID intelligent temperature control
The temperature control adopts PID method, and with high temperature control accuracy.The temperature uniformity can reach within 0.5°C

♣4.Protection functions
With high and low voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, grounding protection protection and other protection functions.

♣5.Fully closed circulation system
The liquid storage tank adopts a fully closed design,which is not easy to absorb water under low temperature conditions, and prolongs the service life of the heat transfer fluid.        


♣1.Provide working condition:Industry, support equipment type   

♣2.Supporting equipment model and size           

♣3.Working temperature range 

♣4.Select the model


♣1.Using fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with international environmental protection
refrigeration standards
♣2.The refrigerant outlet is equipped with a pressure gauge, which can display the pressure of the refrigerant at the outlet
♣3.The temperature setting and display adopts digital mode, which is easy to operate and easy to monitor.
♣4.The liquid storage tank and circulation pipe line are made of 304 stainless steel which has good corrosion resistance.
♣5.A filter device is installed in the circulation tank to prevent clogging of the circulation pipe.
♣6.The left and right side panels are easy to disassemble, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.
♣7.The shell adopts electrostatic plastic spraying SPCC, which has good anticorrosion effect.
♣8.Equipped with a fixing frame for external parts, it is easy to install:burettes, external sensors, etc.



♣2.Molecular Distillation System                             

♣3.Rotary Evaporator

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