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Stainless Steel Crystallization Reactor

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YFR-50SEX Stainless Steel Crystallization Reactor Reactor Pressure: -0.1~0.1MPa

Product Description



YHChem YFR series stainless steel jacketed reactor (solid phase) is the crystallization equipment after the mixed reaction of materials, the interlayer internal demand of chilled water or refrigerant water sharply cooling, the key link is the size of the interlayer area, the structure of the agitator and the form of material outlet, the high precision polishing in the vessel and the vessel cleaning without dead Angle requirements to meet the process conditions. Mainly used for material mixing, cooling and freezing, crystallization and so on, widely used in pharmaceutical, dairy, food, chemical, beverage and other industries.

Product Specification

Net Volume(L) 10  20  30  50  100  200  300 
Material The part contact with the material is SUS316, and the rest is S30408
Stirring Motor (W) 200 370 750 1500
Sealing Form Mechanical sealing
Filter Plate Material SUS316L
Filter Plate Pore Size (um) 10
Reactor Working Pressure (MPa) -0.1~0.1
Reactor Working Temperature (°C) -20~200
Power Supply 220V/50Hz , 1P 380V/50Hz ,  3P
Size (cm) 55*55*160 60*60*180 65*65*200 85*85*225 92*92*285 102*102*310 125*125*310
Weight (Kg) 120  150  190 250 350 400 480



♣1.SUS304/316 Fabrication
Corrosion resistance Wear resistance High temperature High pressure resistance
♣2.Tank polishing
Up to 0.2um
♣3.Filter plate pore size 1-100um optional.
♣4.No Dead Space Design
Discharge cleaning no dead space sanitary seal, can withstand high temperature sterilization
♣5.Standard Explosion-proof Design
Safer and assured       


♣3.Chemical industry



Can be customized according to customer's requirement.                                                                        ♣1.Customized kettle body
♣2.Custom glass condenser
♣3.Customized kettle lid quant


♣Vacuum gauge
♣Solid dosing opening
♣Storage tank
♣Steel filter plate
♣Discharge valve
♣304/316 stainless steel frame


♣1.Heating cooling circulator
♣2.Stainless Steel Solid Phase Reactor
♣4.Water cycle vacuum pump



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