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YHH TCU Temperature Control System

Product Description

YHH TCU Temperature Control System  supplier

Product Description

TCU temperature control system is a complete set of high and low temperature district heating or cooling control system equipment integrated with high efficiency heat exchangers, circulating pumps, thermometers, pressure gauges, various sensors, pipelines, valves and automatic control.Adhering to the design concept of standardized modules, combined with leading technology and rich practical experience, Yuanhuai integrates a large number of users' on-site centrifugal pump, valve selection and pipe flange welding work as well as electrical control site installation and commissioning work together, and makes overall plans for users to custom-make more suitable sets of high and low temperature heat exchange units with excellent performance. Including industrial control, the whole unit leaves the factory, before leaving the factory test stand test operation qualified. Users only need to install four to five pipelines and a power line to the electric control box of the unit to debug and run the unit.

Product Specification

Model YHH-15 YHH-25 YHH-30 YHH-45 YHH-60 YHH-75 YHH-90
Temperature range () ’-20~300, ±1
Pump flow (m³/h) 3.5 6 10 15 20 30 35
Steam heating power (KW) 30 60 90 120 180 250 300
Cooling power (KW) 25 45 65 100 150 210 260
Control system PLC Controller
Pipe material SUS304
Shell material Cold rolled plate spray moulding/ SUS304 (optional)
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 1P

YHH TCU Temperature Control System  factory

♣ 1.Reproducible Temperature Control
♣2.Temperature Range from -120℃ to 300℃
♣3.High-Precision Control System
♣5.Energy-saving  Environmentally Friendly  Safe and Reliable
♣6.LCD Touch Control

YHH TCU Temperature Control System  manufacture

Used for the separation and purification of high-purity chemicals, such as organic solvents, dyes, pesticides, and chemical reagents.
Used for the extraction and separation of natural products, such as flavors, pig.ments, and plant extracts.
Used for the preparation of high-pu-rity drugs and intermediates.
Used for the separation and purification of biological products, such as proteins,enzymes, and antibodies.
Used for the preparation of novel high-purity materials, such as highpurity  metals, semiconduct or materials, and optical materials.
Used for the separation and refining of petrochemical products,such as petro-leum fractions, natural gas, and petro-chemical wastewater.

YHH TCU Temperature Control System  factoryYHH TCU Temperature Control System  manufacture

♣1.Users can get a closed and repeatable temperature control in a wide temperature range ,which can realize temperature control from -20'c to 300'c;
♣2.Avoid the replacement of traditional equipment and facilities and the need for jacket maintenance; the small fluid volume also ensures the rapid response of the controlloop and the thermal response delay is small;
♣3.Built-in electric heating heat conduction oil auxiliary system, which can automaticallyturn on the auxiliary heating system according to the demand and reduce the steam pressure.
♣4.It can achieve the purpose of saving energy through fast operation and accurate matching of each heat demand;
♣5.Control the temperature of the entire reaction process through fast calculation, and perform rapid response control for exothermic and end othermic reactions in the entire reaction process: 
♣6.Standardized interfaces are reserved, cold and heat source heat exchange modulescan 'be added according to actual needs.
♣7.The temperature of the reaction process and the temperature of the single fluid can be selected to be controlled, and the temperature difference between the temperature of the reaction process and the temperature of the heat conduction single fluid can be set and controlled :
♣8.Built-in a variety of winding heat exchangers, made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure resistant, anti fouling , high heat exchange efficiency;
♣9.Adopting a fully enclosed pipeline design,formula management and production process records can be carried out;
♣10.Taking the system feedback temperature as the signal source, the controller calculates and gives the action command of the elec-tric control valve to control the flow rate ofthe cryogenic liquid into the reactor jacket,so as to achieve high purpose of effective control.

YHH TCU Temperature Control System  manufactureYHH TCU Temperature Control System  manufacture

♣1.Using well-known brand heat exchanger ssuch as Himile
♣2.High standard welding finished products
♣3.Equipped with Anhui Tiankang magnetic flap liquid level gauge
♣4.Use well-known manufacturers such as Spirax Sarco steam traps
♣5.Equipped with Aulank magnetic pump
♣6.Electric box built-in Siemens PLc +Schneider Electric

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