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Heating Circulator-YUC

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Customised YUC Series Heating Circulator (RT~200℃)

Product Description

Customised YUC Series Heating Circulator (RT~200℃) supplier


YUC series heating circulator takes oil electric heating system with a totally enclosed structure, which is designed no oil mist volatilization with high temperature, large flow rate and high lift. The circulating pump out puts the heat-conducting fluid to heat the materials of the supporting equipment, and it is widely used as a combination device in biopharmaceutical, petrochemical, medic and health, food and other industries that need high temperature environment.

Technical Specification

YUC-RT~200°C Series YUC-3020 YUC-5020 YUC-10020 YUC-15020 YUC-25020 YUC-38020 YUC-60020
Temperature range () RT~200;±0.5 RT~200;±1
Total power(kW) 3.2 5.2 10.4 15.4 25.5 39.5 62
Heating method Electric heating
Voltage(V) 220V, 50/60Hz, 1P 380V, 50/60Hz, 3P (Optional 220V/480V)
Temperature Sensor PT100
Cooling method Water cooling
Safety protection Self-diagnosis; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device
Expansion tank volume(L) 10 24 42 70 110
Heating power(kW) 3 5 10 15 25 38 60
Cooling CapacityKW  200°C 3.5 5.5 10 15 25 38 60
Cooling CapacityKW  100°C 2 4 8 12 20 30 48
Cooling CapacityKW  65°C 0.6 1.8 3.4 5 8.5 12 19
Rated flow rate (L/min) 20 42 125 200 315
Weight 68 78 88 100 130 170 285


♣ 1.Customization Service
Explosion-proof, water-cooled or air-cooled can be customized according to customer's working conditions

PLC control: including Siemens S7-200 smart PLC control system, material temperature and equipment outlet temperature can be switched freely

♣ 2.Oil electric heating system with a totally enclosed structure
The fully closed circulation system ensures no oil mist at high temperature, prolonging the service life of the heat transfer fluid.

♣ 3.PID intelligent temperature control
The temperature control adopts PID method, and with high temperature control accuracy.

The temperature uniformity can reach within +0.5°
♣ 4.Control System
S7-200smart PLC control, five programs can be edited, Up to 40 steps per program.
♣ 5.Security Protection
Self-diagnosis; High pressure switch; Overload relay, thermal protection device.
♣ 6.Plug and Play
The equipment comes with RS485 interface, which is convenient for site installation and replacement.

Signal exchange is carried out through data cable to realize remote control.       


♣1. Biopharmaceutical
♣2. Petroleum
♣3. Medical and Health

♣4. Food


♣1. Provide working condition: Industry, support equipment type 

♣2. Supporting equipment model and size         

♣3. Working temperature range     

♣4. Select the model


♣1. Large LCD display with touch button, XMT analog and digital for easy operation.

♣2. Side inlet, side exhaust, rounded corner design, install casters, more convenient to move. 

♣3. Level visualization.      

♣4. Touch button, easy operation. With drain port for easy discharge of waste liquid.   

♣5. Explosion proof and water cooling (Optional).         

♣6. Equipped with an exhaust valve, which can eliminate the cause in time.

Gas escaping when the system medium heats up


♣1. Reactor

♣2. Molecular Distillation System

♣3. Film Evaporator

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