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YLT (-120℃~RT) Recirculating Chiller

Product Description


YLT (closed type) series low temperature cooling circulation pump is suitable for chemical, biological and physical testing and testing that need to maintain low temperature conditions. lt can be used in medicine and hygiene,food hygiene, chemical industry and laboratories in universities or research institutes. lt can be used with 10L,20L, 50L100L and other reaction kettles.

Product Specification

Model YLT-10120 YLT-30120 YLT-50120 YLT-100120 YLT-200120 YLT-300120 YLT-500120
Temp Range(℃) -120-RT±0.5
Voltage (V) 220V,1P 380V, 50/60Hz, 3P (Optional 220V/480V)
Total power (Kw) 3.6 7.1 14 15.2 24 30.5 36
Cooling CapacityW25 4380 7875 15750 18375 46789 58882 78750
Cooling CapacityW0 4100 7100 14600 17275 35841 39811 56300
Cooling Capacity(W)-40℃ 3200 5595 11000 13100 14078 17400 33050
Cooling Capacity(W)-80℃ 1200 2800 3542 5522 7623 10324 20600
Cooling Capacity(W)-120℃ 250 450 600 900 1100 1500 2200
Temperature Sensor PT100
safety protection Overvoltage, delay, overcurrent, overheating, leakage, protector
Tank volume (L) 7 10 17 35 100 300
Rated Lift (M) 8 12 15
Rated Flow (L/min) 20~25 30 150 180
Dimension Net Weight(Kg) 330 350 560 600 830 1600
Size L*W*H(cm) 97*80*125 150*96*130 150*96*150 190*104*182 190*104*182 300*130*208

♣1.Customization Service
Explosion-proof, water-cooled or air-cooled can be customized according to customer's working condi-tions PLC control: including Siemens S7-200 smart PLC control system, material temperature and equipment outlet temperature can be switched freely

♣2.Fully closed circulation system
The liquid storage tank adopts a fully closed design, which is not easy to absorb water under low temperature conditions, and prolongs the service life of the heat transfer fluid.

♣3.PID intelligent temperature control
The temperature control adopts PID method, and with high temperature control accuracy.The temperature uniformity can reach within +1°C

♣4.Protection functions
With high and low voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, grounding protection protection and other protection functions.


♣1.Provide working condition:Industry, support equipment type         

♣2.Supporting equipment model and size             

♣3.Working temperature range                         

♣4.Select the model


♣1.Adopt microcomputer control, all digital display,easy to operate

♣2.Refrigeration system compressors, oil separators,solenoid valves, expansion valves, etc. are all imported brands

♣3.The use of fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with international environmental protection refrigeration standards

♣4.The refrigerant outlet is equipped with apressure gauge, which can display the pressure of the refrigerant at the outlet.

♣5.Special circulating pump for low temperatureno leakage and no stall phenomenon under

♣6.A filter device is installed in the circulation pipe to prevent clogging of the circulation pipe
♣7.The evaporator is a fully brazed plate heat exchanger.
♣8.The liquid storage tank and circulation pipe line are made of 304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance.

♣9.The left and right side panels are easy to disassemble, which is convenient for equipment maintenance

♣10.The shell adopts electrostatic plastic spray SPCC, which has good anti-corrosion effect.



♣2.Molecular Distillation System                       

♣3.Rotary Evaporator


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