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Column still distillation

Column Still Distillation a Safe and Progressive to Enhance the Quality

Column Still Distillation is an excellent way in distilling alcohol and provides many advantages compared to the traditional style, the same as YHCHEM's wiped film molecular still. In this post, we will consider the benefits of using column still distillations, discuss how it works and explain why you must safely practice military discipline on performables. And finally, we will cover the wide spectrum of column still distillation.

Column Still Distillation Benefits

Huge advantages to column still distillation. In essence, this method results in an ultra-high quality alcohol or spirit which tastes cleaner and smoother and can be used for a range of applications such as potable or industry. Column still distillation also leads allows better control of individual constituent during the process. Operators use this knowledge to control the heat and pressure within a column, allowing them to distill products at an exact rate. Better control reduces waste and optimizes the process. 

Column still distillation is under constant refinement and innovation, same with the ethanol thin film evaporator innovated by YHCHEM. 

Column still distillation has been around for ages but with new technology popping up, they are reaching greater levels of sophistication and quality-control. For example, more recently there have been advancements that involves (in a very high level) systems capable of monitoring the time/temperature pressure in real-time making these parameters easier to control automatically with additional accuracy.

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